Providing modern winemaking technologies and techniques.

Headquartered in Lodi, California, Eno-Logic serves winemakers throughout the Lodi appellation and surrounding wine producing regions. Our team specializes in a wide range of services for the diverse needs of the winemaking industry.  Whether you need a one time service or consultation, or a long term supervising winemaker, we can tailor custom solutions for the scope and budget of your winery. We bring extensive training, experience, and professionalism to every project with a focus on elevating the unique expressions of your wines.

We are on the pulse of modern winemaking technologies, and monitor industry evolution to inform our own approaches—all to give you exceptional service from grape to glass.

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Areas of Expertise

Mobile Filtering

mobile wine filtering

Clarify and purify your wines with crossflow filtration.

Crossflow filtration is an energy efficient method for clarifying and refining wines that offers numerous advantages over other filtration methods. Longer operational times and reduced fouling provide improved throughput with a process that is gentle on wines. Crossflow filtration provides a reliable and safe way to prepare wines for bottling. We will bring our mobile unit to your facility so your wine is ready when you need it.

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wine bottling by eno-logic

Bottle when the wine is ready, not when the mobile line is

Every winemaker has had to make tough decisions when we rely on mobile bottling lines.  With our small lot bottling service, you can bottle your wine when YOU decide it is ready.  Whether you need to bottle a single barrel or up to 800 cases per day, we can help. Filtering, finishing, and bottling can all be completed at our facility in Lodi, California to your specifications and timeline.

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Bulk Wine Procurement

bulk wine procurement by eno-logic

Premium bulk wines, sourced from artisan producers

By developing a network of artisan winemakers in our local area, we offer access to premium small production wines not found at large scale bulk wine brokers.  By cultivating and maintaining relationships with many small producers, we see wines that winemakers “will” sell rather than only wines larger producers “want” to sell.

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winemaking consulting

Leverage our experience for your wines.

Our winemaking team consists of professionally educated and trained winemakers from various regions and disciplines.  We will pair you with a consultant that best matches the needs of your project. Whether you need a one time consultation, occasional check ins, winemaking education, or a managing winemaker for many programs, we can fit you with the right person for the job.

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