Wine Bottling

Wine Bottling by Eno-Logic

Should it have been bottled 3 months ago?  Maybe it needs another 3 months in barrel? What about that surprise order from a client buying shiners?  These sensitive winemaking decisions are often overshadowed by the necessity of having to meet the schedule of a mobile bottling provider.  

Access to our small lot bottling service gives the winemaker flexibility to bottle when the wine is ready, not when the mobile line is. Simply schedule an appointment and drop off or ship your wine and we will handle the rest.  Barrels, drums, totes, portable tanks, or tankers: we accept all means of transport.

We operate a brand new, state of the art, Gai 1001S Bottling Line.

Our line features:

  • End to end steam sanitation.

  • Deaeration and nitrogen purging of empty bottles.

  • Closed nitrogen protected filling bowl.

  • Six filler heads.

  • Fill height leveling.

  • Headspace nitrogen purging.

  • Vacuum corking.

  • Labeling.

  • Foiling.

Our process ensures minimum oxygen pick up during bottling to protect the integrity of your wine. This modern bottling technology combined with our stringent QAQC program ensures a pristine condition of every bottle, every time.