Wine Filtering

wine filtering by eno-logic

We offer mobile wine filtering services to wineries in the Lodi and Sierra Foothills appellations. Simply schedule an appointment and our field technician and mobile crossflow filter will be at your door when you need them.

No more hassles with filter pads, DE, pressure build ups, or filter fouling. Our crossflow filtration units filter your wine to 0.2 micron is a single pass. The autonomous system allows for continuous 24 hour operations to ensure your wine is ready to bottle when you need it.

The technique of crossflow filtration uses a selective porous membrane to filter wine instead of several inline disposable filter pads or cartridges. With crossflow filtration a turbulent stream of wine flows parallel to a filtration membrane with a negative pressure applied to the membrane interior as opposed to an inline dead-end filter. The quality of the filtration is constant over time because the fouling is reduced by the continual sweeping of filtered material.

Crossflow filtration is a ‘soft’ process because the filtering is completed without any change of state of the wine. Crossflow is also more environmentally friendly than dead-end filtering techniques as no filter aids or disposable pads or cartridges are used. In one step, crossflow filtration clarifies the wine, improves mouthfeel characteristics, and removes unwanted bacteria, yeast, and residual solids from the solution, all without the use of diatomaceous earth (DE).